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K-Drak, we had to suffer a HUGE budget cut here. The Site can no longer support your... massive... coffee needs. Your coffee is going to have to be paid by you from now on.

Are you serious? What a fucking cheek. I work damn hard for my (admittedly rather substantial) pay, and I am not wasting it on things that I have a legal entitlement to while at work. I have other things I need to pay for, that I have been paying off for a while. I’m not letting them repossess my gold-plated statue of 682, nor am I letting them repossess my solid gold statue of me (which will eventually grace Site 17’s main atrium with great glory).

God damn it, this will not do. Has this place got a worker’s union? I’m taking this to them. If we don’t have one, I’m founding one, and then I’m taking this straight to me.

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